Saturday, June 14, 2014

My friend, Google.

So I called it. Dr. Kara. Plantar fascitis. After hobbling around for 3 months, plus much of my pregnancy, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I had been doing stretches, rest, bought inserts for my shoes, but nothing seemed to do the trick for any length of time.

With a fantastic summer of fun ahead and the uncertainty of our health care in light of Chris' looming retirement, I knew I had to act quickly. Thankfully, I was seen that same day! The best part is that I was able to see my previous PCM (primary care manager, aka "my doctor") whom I really loved, but was promoted and had to cut her caseload in 1/2. Anyway, she heard my concerns, confirmed my diagnosis of plantar fascitis, prescribed me some Ibuprofen, told me to ice my foot and prescribed me a splint for the night. We discussed "next steps" being a trial of steriods either oral or injections with a "last resort" and one she is very much against--surgery. She likened the fascitis to a strut on a car. She said, "You wouldn't drive your car without a strut, so why would you cut (which is what happens during the surgery) the fascitis and walk without it for the remainder of life?" Good point.

Her plan of treatment aligned with what I researched online, so again, two points for my favorite doctor! The best part is that in conversation I shared that she was changed from being my PCM. She gave me a brief look of irritation and said there had been a few things done that she didn't know about and didn't approve, and that I could change it back. Yipppeee!! Now I just need to work my magic to make sure that our medical care doesn't change when Chris retires. Happy day for me!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm still haunted from the bunion surgery you had in high school. Hope you are a better patient this time around, ha! Only kidding, Kara! Can't wait to see those sweet splints in person! Hope you are getting some relief now.

Love ya, J