Monday, June 2, 2014

Weight Loss Monday

This whole weight loss thing is tough! Throw in a new baby, two other little ones, a career and plantar fascitis, and we have an uphill battle. Yeah, the plantar fascitis may be self diagnosed, but I am 99% certain I have it. I actually went for my post partum check up a couple of weeks ago where I unloaded all my aches and pains. I am sure she thinks I am a nut job, but seriously, I thought the road to losing my pregnancy pounds would bring my physical age back down from 90 to a 30 something person. I apparently was wrong. My right foot hurts so badly. In fact, there have been days were I don't even feel comfortable carrying Gavin down the stairs for fear I will drop him.

I'm on a mission to lose weight, which I hope will remove the stress on my poor feet. I am guessing the stress is there due to the shift in my weight from pregnancy to now. Who knows, but from what I've read, there is little that can be done medically. I'll give this my best shot, then go the medical route if need be.

Since I can't walk, run or really complete any  intense exercise while standing, I am focusing my efforts on riding bike. We bought a recumbant bike yesterday. The BX was having an amazing sale. We looked at them a week ago and this sweet old man gave us the inside scoop that they were going to go 1/2 price in the next few days. Chris stalked the BX last week and found them on sale through the weekend for their Fitness Sale. Woo hoo! I sold the double bike trailer (since we will only need a single now that Mya  can ride on her own--probably better than me), which paid for 1/2 of the recumbant bike. The rest is my birthday present. I am so excited! Nothing is worse than having the desire (Strange. I know, right?) to workout without being physically able. Hopefully this is the answer to my prayers.

I have lost 3 pounds since I began putting effort toward weight loss. Although that isn't much progress, I must celebrate each pound as each is SOMETHING!

So, here's what I'm doing...
1. Watching portions.
2. Focusing on healthy meal options.
3. One shake per day. I tried Shakeology, but can't stand the taste. I really love Syntha-6 (ice cream flavor), which I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have, but I can't find information linked to breastfeeding, so I am not taking the chance. Soooo, I am making my own concoction instead--2 c. spinach, 1 individual serving of vanilla Greek yogurt, 1 c. frozen unsweetened strawberries, and 1 c. FF milk. It is delicious, filling and packed with goodness. My Ninja blender chops right through it all with no chunks remaining. Pure perfection.

This weight took 9 months to put on, so I am giving myself  good year to get it off. I can do this! Little by little, it will happen.


jeanniy said...

Hi Kara, Dave suffered with plantar fascitis for over a year. He ended up needing surgery. I feel for you, he suffered greatly. Although it is a condition usually suffered by athletes; they said it had to do with his spine problems. There are exercises that are helpful.
Good luck with that!!

Lauren Dietrich said...

I had plantar fasciatis recently and chad advised me to roll my feet on a golfball. Also to use a frozen water bottle in place of the gold ball. Inserts for the heels are also helpful....just wear shoes around because your heels need the support...this should help!


Kara said...

lo! Impressive advice. I broke down and went to the doctor. she suggested your advice along with ibuprofen and a night splint. good call!