Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week Two

Week two came and went. Chris was home through day number 13, which was really nice. We were able to enjoy some quiet time with Gavin, lunch dates, naps and lots and lots of snuggling. We had his newborn photos taken on his 8th day of life. Gavin also had his two week well baby check and his stats greatly improved from the week before.
Height: 20.08 inches; 33%ile
Weight: 8.16 pounds; 37%ile
Head Circumference: 36.75 cm; 47%ile
Gavin's second week was much like the first. He slept most of the days and nights. He woke every 3 hours or so to eat, but then returned to sleep immediately afterwards. Gavin accompanied us to marathon club with the girls where friends, students and parents oo'd and awe'd over him. Thankfully, he had a second great week. He is loved by everyone. We are truly blessed.

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jeanniy said...

Such a beautiful family, such a beautiful baby. You guys are truly blessed and I am so happy for you. The girls seem to love their little brother totally and they look so good together.

May your blessing continue!!!