Monday, May 19, 2014

Holiday Park 2014

We celebrated Mya's 5th birthday with a day at Holiday Park. The girls were so excited and the weather was gorgeous! Holiday Park is a great little amusement park located about an hour from our house. It is small enough that we don't wait long for rides, but large enough that we can easily spend 4 hours or so and not double a ride. We went for the first time last year, but Mya was still a tad too short to enjoy a few of the best rides. This year a whole new world was available. She loved what I remember as the "tower of power," only on a smaller scale, the bumper cars and her first flume ride. Claire also underwent her first flume ride, but had mixed feelings about it. 
I tended to Gavin most of the day, which was nice. He slept, I watched the girls' faces light up with excitement, relaxed and even nursed in public for the first time ever! Pretty big accomplishment for this very conservative girl.

Gavin spent the day doing a little of this.

1st ride of the day and the kid is EXCITED!

Up she goes!

Chris is on the ride for the 2nd time. It's an even person world.

He did a lot of this.

Not sure who was more afraid--Chris or Claire.

Clearly it was not Mya. She is my child--loving the thrill.

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Erin said...

he is growing so fast and is incredibly handsome! Happy celebration to Mya!